Pic of Randee our online appointment sec and info about her

Online Appointment Secretary 

Randee has been working for the office for over 20 years. Before she moved out of state, she worked full time in the office as Dr. Seaman's assistant and then office manager. Now she lives in California and continues to work part time for the office handling all the email confirmations to patients and email requests to schedule appointments. Even though patients don't hear her voice, she is a very popular staff member for all the patients who enjoy handling their appointments through email. It is also nice that she worked in the office and directly with Dr. Seaman for many years, so she can also easily help patients out with any other questions they have about their dental care, when they are scheduling or confirming appointments.

During her off-time, she spends time with her family and friends and she gets to visit the beach way more than the rest of us!

Email Randee: office@seamanfamilydentistry.info