Pic of Bennette our office manager and info about her

Office Manager

Bennette has worked for the practice for over 20 years. Originally working as Dr. Seaman's assistant, then holding each administrative position in the office and moving into the office management position.  Currently, she mainly works outside of the office.  Besides handling the general business matters of the office and promotional roles, she also handles any hiring and training needs for the practice.  

The quality of care patients receive and the manner in which they receive it has always been extremely important to her, so if you ever have any suggestions or feedback about your services in the office, please contact her.  Since she works primarily from home, the best way to contact her is via email - but she pretty much works every day Monday - Friday so she will respond quickly.  

When she isn't working on office related business, she is usually with family; her husband, children, grandchildren, or extended family members as family is also an very important aspect of her life!  

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