What Insurance Do you accept?

Our office accepts most dental insurance plans, however, there are some dental plans that will not allow you to see a dentist who is not specifically on that plan.  We are happy to get some information from you about your plan and contact them to obtain your benefit information, so you will know before your appointment.  Dr. Seaman is a preferred provider with Aetna and Delta Dental.  If you would like to find out about your specific plan and benefits, complete our online New Insurance Form or us call us 913-631-2626 and we will find out for you.

What if I don't have dental insurance?

We see many patients without dental insurance, you are welcome in our office whether you have insurance or not.  We always go over the fees for any recommended services with you before you schedule your appointments or start any newly diagnosed dental service, so there are no surprises. If you feel you need or want some type of dental benefits, we do have an in-office dental plan and you can sign up at your appointment if you choose this option.  For more information about this you can download our In-Office Dental Plan brochure.  If you are considered a low income family, then your children could be accepted into our Creating Healthy Young Smiles program, this program is covered in more detail on our Helping Families page and you will find our downloadable application there too.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our office accepts all major credit cards, cash, money orders, cashier's checks, personal checks, Care Credit, and you can even send us payments through Pay Pal.  

Do you have payment plans?

Yes.  As mentioned in the question before, we accept and utilize Care Credit for both interest-free and long term fixed interst patient financing.  You can apply online before you even come in for your appointment, just click the Care Credit buttom above and you are on your way.

For our in-office financing plans we use: DOCPAY interest free payment plans for our patients. 

  • Convenient automatic monthly payments
  • No credit check required
  • DOCPAY does not charge interest- EVER!
  • A small payment fee is added to each payment
  • No pre-payment penalties, no annual fees
  • A down payment is required to start your in-office payment plan

DOCPAY payment plans provide an affordable, easy way to pay for your dental services. Payments are automatically deducted from your checking or savings account or charged to your MasterCard or VISA card each month. Your only cost is a small transaction-processing fee for each payment. No credit approval is required and DOCPAY can be used at any participating office. Learn more about DocPay

Whenever you have newly diagnosed services, you will receive a consultation to go over the services, the fees, any applicable insurance coverage, and to discuss the need for and types of financing.  We understand concerns over paying for services can cause people to put off their dental care, so we help you address that from the very beginning. This way you know how you can handle it and you are more able to schedule your appointments and move forward with your care.  This is done whether your treatment plan is all necessary dental services or completely optional, cosmetic related services; all your dental needs and wants are important to us and we want to help you get them done.    

What if I am Unsure about coming to your office (or a new dentist in general)?

Most patients who are fearful of dentists in general, typically try out a dentist whom they have been referred to by a close friend or family member who will vouch for the dentist.  If this is not the situation or maybe you have been referred to Dr. Seaman, but are still anxious about seeing someone new, we have 2 different options for you.  1) We can schedule you a Meet & Greet appointment, so you can have a chance to meet with Dr. Seaman before you decide to schedule for actual services, or 2) we can schedule an Initial Diagnostic (new patient) appointment that only includes an initial examination, x-rays, and an oral hygiene evalution before you have even a cleaning done.  The Meet & Greet is just a short 10-20 minute sit down with Dr. Seaman to talk with him in person and get a feel for him, the office, and staff - no services are rendered at this visit, not even an examination.  The Initial Diagnostic appointment mentioned is pretty much like a routine preventive check up, the assistant will take any x-rays you need, you will see the hygienist - but only for her to check your oral hygiene status (no cleaning is done), and then you will see Dr. Seaman for a full examination and you will then receive a treatment plan (if anything is needed/wanted) and a financial consultation if you have a treatment plan. Most new patients opt for the Initial Diagnostic appointment, this way you not only get to meet Dr. Seaman and staff, but you also have the opportunity to see what, if any, services you need and/or discuss optional services you are interested in.  Our office does not use nitrous oxide or sedation, we feel that it is better for the patient to receive care in comfortable, friendly manner, so that even if you start out somewhat fearful, your fears dissipate as you realize dental care does not have to be painful.  If you are ready to try us out, give us a call 913-631-2626 and let us which visit you would like to start with.